Out-of-place speech?(場違いな発言?) #1753

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Feb 23, 2018 21:33 fact
I attended a workshop where attendees practice delivering a presentation in English. There was a part in which we had to present two sides of an argument using the expression, “although”, “it is true that …, however…”, “…nonetheless, …” or “…despite the fact that…”

So, I made a sentence using “although”, and made a short speech which occurs to my mind:

“Japanese university students might have to get a certain score at TOEFL or TOEIC exam to graduate from school in the near future. Although their English skills will improve, they might not be able to graduate from their schools because they may not have enough time to study other subjects. “

Actually, most people presented at the workshop looked agreeing with using the TOEIC and/or TOEFL scores as one of the graduation criterion for the university students.