I didn’t have enough confidence to teach English (英語を教える自信はありませんでした) #1527

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Aug 14, 2016 03:59 fact teaching English friend(s)
Last Friday, I taught English for some Japanese juniors. At first, I didn’t enough confidence if I could teach them English.

I had prepared questionnaires and asked them to answer some questions to know their needs. I also gave them some listening challenges to learn their English skills. I learned that most of them are at the very beginner’s level. ^^;

Consequently, I taught them for three hours on that day. They thanked me and said they were motivated by the class. It made me happy. Then, we scheduled to gather next Monday again.

According to the questionnaire survey, most of them seemed to want to improve their listening skills. So, I’m thinking about using some CDs and let them try to dictate what the native English speakers speaking.

So, I would like to ask these questions to you: When you try to improve your target language's listening skills how you practice it? Do you have special ways or textbooks to improve it?

Thank you in advance to telling me about it! ^^