Almost Seven Years! (もうすぐ7年!) #1437

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Apr 24, 2016 22:22 fact thought(s)
Just before I started Lang-8, I bought a new cell phone and I wrote about it on my first entry. (You can see my first entry here: )

I don’t like changing things quickly. But, my current cell phone is almost 7 years old and it’s sometimes a little bit choppy. And some of my friends strongly recommended that I should buy a smartphone to be able to communicate with them more easily. So I had been thinking about buying an iPhone 7. I actually want to buy an iPhone “7” because of my real name.

In March this year, iPhone “SE” was released instead of “7”. So I’ve been still waiting for the release of iPhone 7. However, there seems to be some rumors that the next one is iPhone “8” not iPhone “7”. So, do you think I should buy an iPhone SE now, or I should wait for iPhone 7?