He’s My Brassiere? (彼は私のブラジャー?) #1269

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Sep 2, 2014 23:44 EJ school(s) teacher(s) class(es) video fact comedy
When I was a student, there was a Japanese teacher of English. He always greeted “Hello Eburibode (Everybody)” at the beginning of the classes. Every student thought that his pronunciation wasn’t good very much.

One day, I turned on the radio and an interview with native English speaker was broadcasted. Apparently, it was recorded in the county side of a certain English speaking country, but interviewee’s pronunciation was just the same as my teacher’s. And I thought that my teacher must have studied there.

By the way, one of my teachers shared a video link below:

The teacher on the video taught English to native English students.
Please let me know how you like or don’t like it. Thank you! ^^



感想を教えてくださいね。 ^^