Japanese People who Cerebrate Christmas, Pray at Shrine, Marry at Church, and Ask Buddhist Priests for Funeral Service (日本人:キリストの誕生日を祝って、神社に初詣に行って、結婚式は教会で挙げて、葬式は坊さんに頼む) #1459

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May 8, 2016 03:25 fact book(s) translation
I read a book written by one of the most famous comedians, Mr Takeshi Kitano. I want to share a part of it. ^^

<from page 160 to 162>

Japanese people make things indefinite, avoiding saying no and avoiding answering clearly.

Such Japanese national character has received negative evaluation, but I think this kind of ambiguous attitudes of Japanese people unexpectedly seems to be rational.

I have read some book, in which explains the reason why Japanese nationality is ambiguous, and it says that that’s because there are clear four seasons in Japan, and it gave me a knowledge.


Most of Japanese people don’t intrude their thoughts or philosophy on others. When new culture is introduced in Japan, they long for it and mimic it quickly. They go to church and feel religious on Christmas, feel refreshing by going to shrine on the first day of the year, and feel sense of mortality on funeral service by Buddhist monk.

Japanese people have lived like that, and I’ve never heard that they had bad luck or had been punished because of it. They can just enjoy variety of events.