A Cook Shares 11 Tips on Choosing Tasty Vegetables and Fruits #1858

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Jan 15, 2019 21:38 BRIGHTSIDE YouTube video

Today, I watched an above video by BRIGHT SITE.

I didn't know that there are two types of bell peppers, male and female.

The new words for me were written below.

If you know tips on choosing tasty vegetables and fruits, please let me know.

Thank you! ^^
stalk: (草本の)茎
homogeneous: 同種〔同質〕の、均質の、等質の
nitrate: 硝酸塩、硝酸カリウム〔ソーダ〕
microbe: 微生物、細菌、病原菌
opt: 選択する
bell pepper: ピーマン
elongated (a) 延びた、細長い
resin: 樹脂、やに、合成樹脂
high season:書き入れ時
saturated: 色が)濃い
ripen: (vi)熟す、(vt)熟される
fertilize(d): (vt) (土地を)耕す、(vi) 肥料を施す
nitrate(s): 硝酸塩、硝酸カリウム
withered: しおれた、枯れた
lumpy: こぶだらけの、つぶつぶのある
pulp: 果肉
pebbled -> pebble: 小石で舗装する、石目模様を付ける