To Japanese learners: Can you tell who "帰る"? (誰が帰るか分かりますか?)#1702

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Oct 8, 2017 21:37 language Japanese learner(s)
I’ve been reading books about how to teach the Japanese language. There are some example sentences to explain grammatical things. I’d like to share one of them today. ^^

There are two similar sentences below. Can you tell the difference between them?

(A) 太郎は来たらすぐ帰る。
(B) 太郎が来たらすぐ帰る。

The different part between two sentences is the particle after 太郎. In the sentence A, a particle “は” is used and in the sentence B, a particle "が" is used.


(A) 太郎は来たらすぐ帰る。
(B) 太郎が来たらすぐ帰る。