The results of the 212th TOEIC (第212回TOEICテストの結果) #1529

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Aug 15, 2016 23:49 fact TOEIC
Today, I received the results of the 212th TOEIC through online which was held in July, 2016. I wasn’t able to break my best score, but it was my second best, 930 points.

I wasn’t able to take TOEIC in May because I went on a business trip to Hokkaido during the previous exam. So, this time was my first exam after its form of text was renewed. I applied for the 213th TOEIC which will be held next month, by the way.

In the renewed TOEIC, there were some reading questions which showed, I think, smartphone screens. So, I thought I should change my cell phone to iPhone7 next month in order to get used to the text messages which are shown on smartphones. ^^;

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