Principal of 10 years training(10年修行の法則)#1731

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Nov 24, 2017 20:52 fact book language study brain
Yesterday, I went to a garage to have my car checked and changed my car’s tires from normal ones to stud-less ones. While I was waiting, I was reading a book by Ms Mutsumi Imai.

She introduced some scientific researches. According to them, in order for us to be an expert in a specific area, about 10,000 hours practice should be needed. If you practice something for 2-3 hours per day, it’ll take about 10 years.

I think this principle can be applied to learning foreign languages. If you want to be able to use your target language fluently, you would have to practice it for 10,000 hours. So, I think, if this principle can be simply calculated, if you study 10 hours per day, it’ll take 2-3 years for you to reach there, right? ^^

How many hours have you spent your time on your target language so far?
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