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Jul 19, 2018 23:46 fact feeling(s) travel
As I posted in my old entry, I went to Yokohama the other day.

I stayed at a hotel for three days and I had a chance to visit Yokohama cosmos world, Yokohama China Town, Yokohama landmark tower, and Cup noodle museum.

When my old friends and I rode in a Ferris wheel, we could see the fireworks just before the highest level from inside a car.

When I visited Yokohama landmark tower, the fare was free just that day.

The most impressive place for me was Cup noodle museum. You can make your original cup noodle there and you can enjoy varieties of ramen noodles on the fourth floor.

Yokohama is a beautiful place, but there are many people. So, I'd rather just visit than live there. ^^;