"How to Improve Dramatically Your Body and Mind. The Super Guide to the Best Conditioning for Yourself" by Yu Suzuki #2023

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Jun 17, 2019 17:36 fact health book(s)
During weekend, I finished reading a book written by Mr Yu Suzuki.

The title of it was shown as this entry's title.

The author read more than 100,000 scientific papers, and he introduced how we could improve our body and mind based on them.

For example, on page 121, there is a list of foliage plants which are good for our health.

Peace lily, Pothos, Ivy, Chrysanthemum, Gerbera daisy, Sansevieria, Bamboo palm, and Azalea.

Most of them absorb the chemical materials, which could be harmful of our body, from the room air.

Also, the reason why walking in nature such as in a forest is good for your health is that, when you walk in a forest, you would absorb some micro bacteria which would live inside of your intestine, and would play good roles for your body.

It was written in Japanese, but you can find some English references he had read on the homepage below. ^^




スパティフィラム(Peace lily)、ポトス(Pothos)、セイヨウキヅタ(Ivy)、キク(Chrysanthemum)、ガーベラ(Gerbera daisy)、サンセベリア(Sansevieria)、チャメドレア(Bamboo palm)、ツツジ(Azalea)