Eager to Communicate is More Important than Language Ability #1791

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May 28, 2018 18:35 fact English_Café
I attended English Café today. My group consisted of 4 participants. We talked about our travelling experience.

One of us visited the United State last March. It took for 30 days and about 400,000 yen to travel from Las Angels to New York. The most amazing place in the United States she said was Kanab in Utah.

She shared her picture in iPhone and all participants said “wow!”
The picture of Kanab was amazing. Have you ever visited Kanab in Utah?

By the way, today’s host was an American English teacher. She told us that the most important thing to communicate with others is not English ability but eagerness to communicate with others.
今日もEnglish Cafeに参加しました。私のグループは4人でした。私たちは旅行経験について話しました。