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Apr 20, 2016 23:01 letter fact teacher(s)
I’ve been writing some letters to my imaginary lovers. But today, I’d like to post a letter to my old teacher at Kindergarten. ^^

Dear Ms. Satoko Kamikawa,

I’m sorry for suddenly sending a letter to you. I don’t believe you remember me, so this letter must surprise you. I was one of your students more than 20 years ago. You were my homeroom teacher at kindergarten. I belonged to Wisteria class at that time.

You took care of me very well. When there was a gymnastics festival, you cheered me up, so I was able to win a first prize. You were such a lively teacher and I liked you very much.

Now I’m an adult and using online language exchange site called lang-8. I’ve been using your name, Satoko as my handle name there.

Actually, I met two more friends whose name are Satoko, who were very good at English. So, I decided to use Satoko wishing to be able to use English fluently like them.

If you don’t mind my letters, is it OK to send some letters to you again?

Respectfully yours,
Nana Doe