This “Cube” Test Will Tell You Everything About Your Personality #1466

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Jun 3, 2016 17:23 YouTube fact
The other day, during the English conversation lessons, my teacher shared an interesting YouTube video shown below. If you have time, please see it and tell me your answers and your impression of the explanations. ^^

Questions and my answers were:
Q1) Imagine you’re walking through a desert …and you see a cube. How big is the cube?
A1) It’s 1 cm x 1 cm x 1 cm big.

Q2) What material is the cube made out of ?
A2) It is made out of wood.

Q3) And how far is the cube from the ground?
A3) It’s 3mm in the ground from the surface.

Q4) Somewhere near the cube, imagine a ladder. Where is it in relation to the cube?
A4) It’s over the cube. The ladder is covering the cube.

Q5) And what is the latter made out of?
A5) It’s made out of wood.

Q6) Picture a horse next to the cube and ladder. Is it wearing anything? (Reins, saddle?)
A6) Not, it isn’t wearing anything.

Q7) And what is the horse doing?
A7) The horse is just waiting (standing on the spot).

Q8) Now, imagine flowers somewhere in the scene. How many are there?
A8) I imagined a bouquet, so there are 25 flowers on the back of the hourse.

Q9) And how far away are they from the cube?
A9) It’s on the back of the horse, so it’s about 1.5 m from the cube.

Q10) Lastly, there’s a storm staring. How close is it to the cube, ladder, horse, and flowers?
A10) It’s about 3 km away from them.

Q11) And are you scared of it?
A11) No, not really, I just scared of it a bit.