The Da Vinci Code (ダ・ビンチ・コード) #1268

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Sep 2, 2014 01:45 EJ DVD(s)
Recently, I came across a certain site and it made me want to watch “The Da Vinci Code”. (Although, I forgot which site it was.)

When I checked Amazon, DVD of it was only 400 yen, I clicked the buy now button, and it reached me yesterday, so I watched it last night.

Have you watched it before?

I’m a fan of Audrey Tautou, so I enjoyed her play, but I wasn’t able to follow the story very much. ^^;

I wanted to watch it without Japanese subtitles, but there were many specific terms and proper nouns, so I needed Japanese subtitles.

I felt I should learn more about history and common knowledge together with English language as well. ^^;
最近、あるサイトに出くわして、そのサイトをみたら「ダ・ビンチ・コード」を見たくなりました。 (そのサイトがどのサイトか忘れちゃったんですけれどね。^^;)