Procrastination brings you an early death(先延ばしする人は早死にする!)#1912

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Apr 23, 2019 20:31 book DaiGo fact brain health
I'm not sure if I can use medical terms correctly, but I'll try to write the explanation of the title of this entry. ^^;


When your stress piles up because of the procrastination, amygdala in your brain becomes panic. Amygdala influences adrenal glands which secrete cortisol that is a stress relieving hormone.

When cortisol is secreted for a long time, it affects thyroid gland and results in increases in heart rate and metabolisms. Then, your body feels anxiety, amygdala affects adrenal glands and release cortisol. As a result, your body results in falling into vicious circle. Eventually, your body gets used to that amount of cortisol. Even though cortisol is secreted a lot, your body reacts normally.

Cortisol also has a function of controlling white blood cells. White blood cells attack enemies from outside of your body. However, if you body got used to cortisol and cortisol cannot control white blood cells, they could hurt your normal cells. Tissues of your body get into chronic inflammation.