Just a diary on the 27th of November(11月27日の日記) #1591

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Nov 27, 2016 21:09 diary fact
I went to the nearest station from my home to buy train tickets. There was a long line, so I had to wait for half an hour. During I was waiting for my turn, one of the staff announced some delays of the trains. His voice was nice and I saw his figure and he was very tall. I guess he is over 190 cm in height.

After that, I went to a gas station and filled my car with gasoline. Then, I wiped my car windows. On my way back home, I stopped by at a convenience store, which renewed its store just last Friday. I drew a blank and they gave me a small snack called "Umaibou (delicious stick)".

After that, I went to a supermarket and bought yellowtail, salmon, oysters, etc. I ate two oysters in raw, and cooked the left with garlic butter. It was very tasty. ^^