On Art and Artists

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Jun 18, 2013 01:49
On Art and Artists
There is no such thing as Art. There are only artists.
There are no wrong reason for liking a picture. There are wrong reasons for disliking a work of art.
Tastes and standards of what is beautiful vary so much. This is also true when it comes to expression. We must first learn to know his methods of drawing to understand his feelings.
Mickey Mouse does not look like a real mouse, yet people like Disney movies.
Ask yourself two questions if you think a picture is inaccurate: One is whether the artist may not have had his reasons for changing the appearance of what he saw. The other is whether you are sure you are right and the artist is wrong.
The people who insist that in a picture the sky must be blue, and the grass green, are not very different from children. There is no greater obstacle to the enjoyment of great works of art than our unwillingness to discard habits and prejudices.
An artist worries about whether he has got it 'right'. When it is a matter of matching forms or arranging colors an artist must always be 'fussy'. It is impossible to lay down rules because one can never know in advance what effect the artist may wish to achieve.
Don't pretend to like only those works which are neither beautiful nor correctly drawn.