Stone Soup

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Mar 14, 2018 03:33
I'm gonna translate "Stone Soup" into English.
Would you give me some advice?
Once upon a time, a traveler came to a village and knocked at a farmhouse door.
A woman who lived there said, "I can't let you in, for my husband is not at home".
She added, "And I have nothing to offer you" as if she regarded him as a beggar.
He replied, "I need nothing special because I have my soup stone" and pulled out his stone from his pocket, and showed it to her.
She was very interested in it and said, "Soup stone?".
He said, "Oh, yes. If you lend me your stove and prepare a pot of water, I will show you how it works. With this stone and boiled water, you could eat the most delicious soup that you have ever eaten. Your husband would appreciate a delicious dinner if you let me in and use my stone."
Thought she was suspicious of him at first, she yielded to her desire to cook easily and opened the door for him.