Title: International Marriage between Japanese men and Filipina

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Apr 23, 2013 12:58
Title: International Marriage between Japanese men and Filipina

1. Introduction
Nowadays, a lot of Japanese are suffering because of marriage problem. Especially, in the cities, half of the Japanese men in their early 30’s are still single. Even if they can get married, one third of the couples divorce.
You may think I’m too young to be serious about marriage, but I’m already 21. So I will certainly experience a marital problem within the next decade. When that time comes, we need to be flexible and tolerate a diversity of marriage style, because the future wife can be a foreigner like Filipina. Actually, there is already one couple for every 20 couple that had international marriage in Japan. In most cases, the husband is male and the wife is female, and Filipina wives accounts for a quarter of the total foreign wives in Japan. Surprisingly international marriage between Japanese men and Filipina is already common in Japan. So you don’t have to care about a prejudice against Filipina anymore. On the contrary, it’ not only me, but also I think majority of Japanese men were already attracted by Filipina in this school. I strongly recommend to you getting married with Filipina. Specifically, I could suggest 3 reasons as follows.

2. Body
First, your wife will be a good conversational partner to improve your English speaking skill. You don’t need to pay tuition and hire tutor for you children. Additionally, your children will be a trilingual, let alone bilingual if she teaches them Tagalog too. I assure your children will definitely succeed and send you considerable amount of money every month in the future.

Second, you can have pretty children like your wife. All Filipina have big eyes and healthy-looking skin. Look at these pictures. They are Japanese celebrities who have Filipino blood. Even though it is said that Sayaka Akimoto, a member of most famous Japanese idol group, looks like gorilla, most of them are undoubtedly pretty or beautiful. Who wants to have a costly cosmetic surgery like someone I know? As you can see, Filipina gene has a potential. If it was mixed with foreigner blood, it will cause an amazing chemical reaction.

Third, if you live in the Philippines, you will be a member of big family. You will always be surrounded family. It will cause you to realize the value of family bond. You never feel lonely like Japanese single life. Furthermore you will always be served Filipino food every day. You don’t need to go to convenience stores and eat instant noodle anymore like Japanese single life.

3. Conclusion
For all these reasons, hopefully I want you to have a Filipino wife. You can say more “I love you” than Japanese couples do. You can work as a bridge between Japan and the Philippines like Ms. Sato. But always remember. “Money can’t buy me love.” as someone put it. Once you get married with Filipina, it is difficult to divorce unlike Japanese couples. So, you must carefully consider the risks. I don’t have any responsibility for what I said here today.

Thank you for your attention.