meeting with an old friend after years

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Sep 16, 2014 01:47
I’m going to visit my home town and meet with my old friend tomorrow. I heven’t been there for three or four years so I’m excited and I can’t wait for visiting known places and reminiscing high school times with my classmate. I want to go to my favourite café which I often visited after classes, my favorites second-hand shops and of course, my high school. I’m curious what currently do rest of my classmates and other friends who I haven’t seen for years so I hope my friend will share some gossips with me ;) Anyway, I feel a little bit scared. I’m afraid that we won’t have common topics because we haven’t seen each other for a few years. Our lives changes, we have other experiences, values and problems although we were good friends in a high school. I met with my other old friend few weeks ago and I realized that we were able to talk only about clothes, weather and the rest “safe” topics although we shared our secrets seven years ago… It was the sad experience.

Maybe I age because recently I think a lot about changing. I envy people which are able to make close relations with old friends despite passage of years. I need to fess up that I often change ambience and friends. I easily get involved in any projects or even my studies, so I still think (and talk) about things important for me and this is the reason why I hang out mainly with people who recently have the same passions or activities. For example, since I study Czech philology I prefer to spend time with friends from the university, because we share a hobby. I can talk for hours about Czech grammar and my other friends don’t understand it ;) Anyway, I'm very curious how it will be tomorrow. I promise myself not to move hermetic topics ;)