I and my sister

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Jun 11, 2014 00:08 sister relationship family sibling
My older sister visited me one week ago and she stayed in my place for a few days. This visit inspired me to writing this post about relations between sisters.

I always envy people who make strong and close relationships with their brothers or sisters. My friends often say that nobody can understand them as well as their sisters because of specific kind of bond. This is difficult to understand for me. I don’t mean that I argue with my sister or that I don’t feel comfortable in her company. We just don’t feel this famous "sisterly bond". We’ve never made close relationship.

Now we’re adults and we differ in every area of live. My sister married when she was
very young and she doesn’t work for a few years. She likes calm life, a little bit conservative lifestyle, movies and books with happy end. Finally, she wears simple t-shirts, turtlenecks, sneakers and she likes old-fashioned frames of glasses that I hate. And I’m the 24 years old single with my head in the clouds. I’m crazy about piercing and stylish bags. I dream about tattoos, big travels and artistic career. I study my third major and I don’t have enough.

It doesn’t mean that we can’t communicate at all. We just have no common interests or views and there’s no activities that we both enjoy so we can’t spend lots of time together. I’m so sorry about this situation but I have no idea what can I change in our relation. I’ve feeling that she doesn’t understand my choices and views and I don’t understand her a little apathetic nature. I’m afraid that our relationship will be change for the worse, step by step. I know sisters that made close relation in their adulthood and I feel sorry that I can’t do it.