My first trip to London

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Jul 27, 2014 23:18 London travel
Before my travel I didn’t know about London too much. I knew that this is the capital of European fashion, full of vintage shops, open air markets and, on the other hand, murals, vegetarian bars, free admission museums and people from all over the world. So my plan was simple: eating as much as I can, taking photos and looking for an inspirations for my future art activities.

What I like in London? Colorful doors, small gardens and relaxed people which just lean against their fences and talk to their neighbors. I just like atmosphere of London estates. They look like a small towns. In Polish cities people usually life in big blocks of flats so I consider British houses as so cute (anyway, I wasn’t in Notting Hill).

I like typical (or maybe stereotypical) London street style, especially heavy boots, tight trousers, vintage jeans jackets and Lennon style sunglasses. I regret I didn’t buy something but I traveled with hand luggage only and to put even one more thing into my bag was a really big challenge ;) By the way, I had to wear as many clothes as I could because of my small bag so I went to the airport wearing sport shoes, cardigan and windbreaker… and there was about 25 degrees above zero.

And finally last thing that I really enjoy in London: museums. I visited only three of them: National Gallery, Tate Modern and Natural History Museum. I especially like interiors of Natural History Museum and the way how they fit in with exhibits. In my opinion dinosaurs look very lordly in ornately decorated hall ;) Oh, and I just MUST mention Camden market in ex-stables. THIS is the perfect way to use interiors! By the way, I was “trapped” in the Camden stables market because of rainstorm so I had lots of time for taking photos of this place.

I didn’t achieve all of my plans. I didn’t see Notting Hill, Soho and Chinatown… I spent in London seven days. Although I experienced exploring new places with very little time, I need much more time to visiting London. This is just too big and too diverse city to making opinion after only few days.