Little puppy in my flat ^^

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Mar 4, 2013 02:07
I hope, somebody will correct this text (and other my posts). Thank you in advance!

I adopted (from the animal shelter) French bulldog about two months ago. Generally, French bulldogs have many health problems, so usually I react to every symptom of disease. So, when Bunia (this is name of my dog, she is a girl) behaved in a little strange way, I took her to the vet on the same day. He said, that Bunia didn’t ill, but she was… a pregnant. It was a shock for me! When I adopted my dog, she was in early pregnancy and I didn’t know it! So, I called to the animal shelter and I told it. Thank God, the man from the shelter got to my flat about two hours later and he took my dog to the animal clinic. She gave a birth on the same day! I know, it sounds a little incredible, like a screenplay of House M.D. :) She wasn’t too fat in pregnancy, because she has only one puppy and I didn’t notice anything.

So, Bunia and her puppy have been in my flat for two days. I’m so happy, that everything is ok, because the situation was a little dangerous – Bunia had the caesarean section. I named the puppy Bonus, because I got him extra when I adopted his mother :)

In the picture are Bunia nad Bonus. Awww, they're so cute, aren't they?