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Sep 30, 2014 17:36 social media Facebook
Finally, after years of refusing to use Facebook, my teacher drives me to sign up on this site. This is the only way to contact him. I don’t like it and I think that we should use more professional and less private way to exchange massages, but well… my opinion means nothing in this situation and I have to readjust. So I signed up in the hope that I’ll have fun on Facebook… Ok, I only wanted to catch on why people from all over the world love this website. I’m not a Facebook hater so I’m not going to convince you that Facebook has only drawbacks… I found few advantages, but I still don’t understand this phenomenon.

At first, I believe that Facebook is useful tool to promote you and your work in the Internet. And writing “work” I don’t mean big corporations which are known all over the world but new brands, designers and artist who have great opportunity to show their art on Facebook fanpages. I’m also going to show my portfolio on Facebook.

I also think that it’s good idea to follow interesting pages. It’s a pity that I forgot about many great brands, events and organizations because I didn’t write down their names and addresses of their pages. Thanks to Facebook I can be still up to date with fashion and cultural news (without checking twenty different pages every day).
You could notice that I write only about one Facebook’s feature – connecting brands/authors and consumers/consignees. Well, I don’t believe in making true relations between two persons thanks to Facebook.

Lots people say that thanks to Facebook they keep in touch with more friends than they are really able to contact (meet in person or even talk on the mobile or send e-mail). It is true, but… if I really want to maintain contact with somebody, I always can find few minutes for sanding even short private message. If I don’t keep in touch with somebody why should I be interested in his photos or some news from his everyday life? It is a little bit embarrassing for me.
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