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Hi there, my name is Jonathan and I'm from Canada. I was born in Vancouver, but went to Toronto for university. Now I am back in Vancouver working towards becoming a website analyst. In the future, I hope to go abroad to study for my Master's degree and on my list are Taiwan, Europe, and the US. Yea, it's a long list but I've got time to decide, haha.

I enjoy movies, books, sports, traveling, meeting people, and many other things. Some of the movie/book genres I enjoy are science fiction, comedy, and fantasy. Star Wars or Lord of the Rings anyone? Haha. As for music, I enjoy rock, dubstep, country, classical, pop music, and atmospheric/ambient stuff.

Please feel free to send me a friend request; the more, the merrier! :)

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受幸运 - Daft Punk。 With native lang

受幸运 - Daft Punk。这一首歌曲我不能在头脑停听到!太棒了,这一首是完善的Popping歌曲,因为有平稳和很酷的节奏。我很期待新的Daft Punk歌曲集。如果你知道说中文的电音音乐家,请推荐给我!那我想问大家,你们现在最喜欢的歌曲是什么了?
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Apr 15, 2013 17:46

你好, 我是许君明。 With native lang

你好, 我是许君明。 我在温哥华出生就长大,然后在多伦多大学学就毕业了。 我现在在UBC学网站分析,并且我很喜欢我的课!我的爱好包括做运动(足球,冰球,柔道),看书,学网上免费的课,学语言,听音乐,和跳舞(popping). 我喜欢太多活动,哈哈。谢谢你看了我的字句!
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  • Mandarin 
Mar 1, 2013 12:24
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Testimonials from My Friends

Snow Bunny
Canucklehead 的英文非常好,对语言的理解能力很强,而且知识很广,和他聊天常常可以学到很多东西, 他是一个很好的聊天对象!