Which do you prefer to eat outside or at home?

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Jul 7, 2009 07:52
Which do I prefer to eat outside or at home? As for me, I like to eat at home. The reasons go as follows.
To start up, eating at home is more healthy than eat at food stands or restaurants. For one thing, food outside are alwalys heavy-flavored. For example, food may be too salty or be put too much oil and spycie to look more tasty. Therefor, it takes burden for our stomach and kidney to digest it.For another, most kitchents in restaurants and food stands are not very clean. Food that is made in the messy kitchents are prone to lead sickness.
In addition, eating at home saves a lot of money. As is known, a lunch box is about NT75 dollars in average, and it takes more if you go to a reataurant, while it only takes about 30 to 40 to make a meal at home. the food outside is 2 times expensive than self-made meal. If you eat lunch and dinner home a month, you can save about NT1800 a month, which is a great amoun of money.
In short, eating at home is more healthy and economic. That's why I prefer to eat at home
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