0519_(Translation Practice) California, America, passed new house-building standards that house builders must install solar panels on most new houses built after 2020.

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May 19, 2018 01:53 translation TC-to-EN
This is a practice Chinese-English translation.
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Source (text in the original language):

California, America, passed new house-building standards that house builders must install solar panels on most new houses built after 2020. This is the first case in the whole America that may bring a big boost to the solar industry.

California is one of the most expensive place in America. Although the new standards are expected to raise the early expenses for a new house approximately by 10000 US dollars, this new policy was still agreed by all 5 Energy Commissioners, showing California’s effort to solve global warming problems.

According to California Energy Commission’s estimation, the new standards will increase the monthly mortgage by 40 US dollars, but will also be balanced out because of the 80 dollars from energy saving.

“We cannot let Californian people live in those houses, which are pretty much like fuel-wasting cars basically,” said Commissioner David Hochschild before the vote for the standards.

New construction standards include house ventilation and also add some updates of lighting regulations. Californian officials stated that new construction standards are expected to reduce greenhouse gases by 700 thousand tons, almost as much as the amount of emissions that 115 thousand cars make.

This result is a big victory for the solar system installation industry. The solar industry now has seen California as the largest market. The Energy Commission forecasts in a study earlier this year that the new standards may increase the need for solar energy devices by 10% to 15%.

What is occurring in California is the most ambitious renewable energy project, which aims to fulfill half of the electricity demand in the state with renewable energy. According to the analysis of the Energy Commission, at the end of 2017, the renewable energy had reached 30%.

This type of policy makes California, the state with the largest population in America, frequently conflict with President Trump, who is changeful about his policy and who rescinded the policy that fights global warming. Governor Jerry Brown is planning a global climate summit this September.

According to what the Energy Commission quoted from a 2017 US Department of Energy report, in California, with a population of 39.5 million people, only 9% of detached houses have solar energy panels.

California Energy Commission spokeswoman Amber Pasricha Beck said that a building is shadowed or has a roof that is too small that is not suitable for solar panels are excepted from the standards.