20190418_(Translation Practice) Rakuten and PChome cooperation

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Apr 18, 2019 18:33 translation TC-to-EN
An Chinese to English translation exercise
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Source (text in the original language):

With direct delivery of Japanese goods, cross boarder trade between Japan and Taiwan has become easier. Japan's Rukuten and PChome has signed a cooperation agreement and established the point exchange and earning mechanism for Rakuten's super points and PChome's P-coins on foundation of the members and services from both platforms, to boost the online point economy. The cross boarder trade will also be expanded for pushing Taiwan-Japan strategic alliance forward.

PChome president Jan Hung-tze has emphasized that after his study on the business model of Rakuten, he launched PChome in 2004, which was several years earlier than China's Tmall. With a 10 million-strong member base in Taiwan, PChome hopes to expand the service internationally. President of Rakuten’s Asia operations, Hiroshi Takasawa, also said Taiwan is a significant market for Rakuten.

The cooperation was launched six months ago and allows the P-coins and Rakuten Super Points to be used and accumulated together and is expanding cross-boarder online trade. Therefore, consumers in Taiwan will be able to experience cross boarder e-commerce features on ruten.com including Japan trending goods, Chinese UI for shopping, direct delivery from Japan.

Moreover, Rakuten credit cards will become useable on PChome, while PChome will also start to sell Kobo E-readers from Rakuten and guarantee a 24-hour-delivery service in Taiwan with help from Rakuten's logistics operations working with PChome.

Jan said he feel affinity towards Rakuten's business model. In 2009, he went to Japan and discussed the possibility of cooperation with the founder, Hiroshi Mikitani, but the overall conditions weren't met to make it happen at the time. As Rakuten has been providing more services, the first step for both sides is to integrate the memberships and points.

After the cooperation, Japanese goods will be delivered directly to Taiwan, making the cross-boarder trade easier.