0601_(Translation Practice) The Pope accepts homosexuality

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Jun 1, 2018 14:24 translation TC-to-EN
This is a practice Chinese-English translation.
Please let me know your opinions and suggestions about this translation.
I would value them highly.
Thanks a lot in advance.
Source (text in the original language):

Juan Carlos Cruz, a victim who has been sexually violated by a priest, met Pope Francis privately earlier this month, mentioning what he went through under the abuse of the Chilean Catholic priest. When this homosexual man mentioned his gender orientation, the Pope responded "it is ok to be homosexual. God created you this way and love who you are, so it doesn't matter to me. The Pope love the way you are, so you are supposed to be happy with yourself."

This statement from the Pope, the leader of Catholicism, is said to be his most obvious recognition of homosexuality. It is not his first time showing acceptance of homosexual people as he told to the media in 2013 "if a homosexual person is willing to follow God and has good intentions, what rights do I have to judge him?"

Fernando Karadima, the priest who sexually violated Cruz, is now 87 years old. He was judged guilty by Vatican in 2011. All of Chile’s 34 Catholic bishops gave in their registration notice to the Pope this month because of their blanketing this sex scandal.