20190430_(Translation Practice) Notre-Dame de Paris

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Apr 30, 2019 19:16 translation TC-to-EN
An Chinese to English translation exercise
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Source (text in the original language):

Heavy smoke came out of the Notre-Dame de Paris and then deteriorated into a burning and unstoppable fire, swallowing, breaking and demolishing the 90-meter-tall spire in front of everybody's eyes and leaving the whole world in horror.

Jesus's thorn crown, the coronation of Napoleon to the Hunchback of Notre-Dame — nearly everybody has some sort of connection with Notre-Dame. Facing the possible loss to any of this made many realize what a cultural heritage can mean in our life.

The literal meaning of the French name Notre Dame is "our lady", which means Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus. The construction began in 1163 and took 128 years to complete. Notre Dame is one of the most iconic Gothic buildings from the middle age and is designated as a world cultural heritage by UNESCO.

Gothic architecture, originating from 12th-century France, features mainly pointed arch (for example, the three arches of the front entrance of Notre Dame, photo 1), the ribbed vaults and the flying buttresses.

The ribbed vaults efficiently distribute the weight of the roof to the walls and pillars; the flying buttresses outside provide support from the side to the walls allowing the building to be built higher, lighter and more durable, thus helping realize the soaring interior space of Gothic architecture.

Gothic Cathedrals also feature intricate decorations. The sculptures of disciples and gargoyles on the top of the walls has fully demonstrated the pursuit for detail; the bizarre and freakish style shows the fanaticism and deterioration.

The soaring internal spaces and 128-meter depth make people feel a sense of smallness. The comparison of the perpendicular depth and humans produced an unbalanced sensation, conflicts and enthusiasm to the viewers. Light shines through stained glass windows into the cathedral’s dim interior to produce a feeling of mysterious beauty and ecstasy.

Parisians get to know the bearings within the city using the spire of Notre-Dame as the building seems to be a sculpture rising up from the ground and appears as part of the skyline. The cathedral has provided a space for artifacts, people and events, and also contains the memories of the past.