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Apr 14, 2018 03:59 composition
It has come to my concern that few Lang-8 users are really obsessed with how many "Thank you" they have or how many corrections they got. It is nothing wrong about them, but we also have to know that not everybody is on Lang-8 24/7 and can correct posts 2-3 hours a day. We all have something to do in our lives, like our jobs, time with our families and other wonderful things. Most importantly, Lang-8 is wonderful because it allows language learners to exchange knowledge without any expenses, which in other word, means that we can grow and strive to be more professional without the need to buy others' time and talents to take care of our learning like a teacher does his/her job. It is all an volunteering work for us to help or not, and because we didn't get paid to help, extra patient and sympathy is needed when someone isn't helping - maybe she/he is preparing an important job interview or preparing for an life-changing examination, we never know.
However, we still have the obligation to help back, which not only is more fair doing that, and also at least it is helpful and does some good rather than useless "thank you" notifications, which I personally think annoying.

Recently, I have been busy and really thank everybody who helped me or just read my posts. I will catch on the latest activities very soon!!!
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