0823_(Translation Practice) “Queen of Soul” Aretha Franklin dies of cancer at 76

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Aug 23, 2018 11:53 translation TC-to-EN
This is a practice Chinese-English translation.
Please let me know your opinions and suggestions about this translation.
I would value them highly.
Thanks a lot in advance.
Source (text in the original language):

Music fans around the globe these days are paying their tribute to “Queen of Soul” Aretha Franklin, who passed away at the age of 76 at her home in Detroit after fighting against pancreatic cancer for a long time. Aretha's music career begins from the time when she sang gospel music at her father's church when she was little.

She was the first female to be selected to be on the Hall of Fame in 1987, which paved the path to it for later female musicians. In 2010, she was rated as the greatest singer of all time by 《滾石雜誌》. From gospel music to pop music, with her countless well-known songs, she inspired many people of generations. Those music includes "Chain of fools", "A Natural Woman", and "I knew You".

Among the songs, her classic song "Respect" is even considered as the anthem of Feminism and civil rights movements. Unfortunately, because of her fear of flight, she never held concerts overseas after she encountered turbulence on her flight in 1984.