0102_(Translation Practice) Academia Sinica vice president: Tang Prize can complement Nobel

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Jan 3, 2018 00:28 translation
This is a translation practice (from Chinese to English)
Please let me know your valuable opinions and suggestions about the translation.
Thanks a lot.


The Academia Sinica vice president, Huang Chin-shing, interviewed on 12/28 with media stating that Tang Prize for Sinology and rule of law can complement Nobel Prize because they are not included in it.

Yu Ying-shih, who won the first Tang Prize, encourages young people to start researches in fields of humanities and cultures by establishing a 5 year foundation from 2015 to 2019, which offers research funds to young researchers who write books or papers in relative topics. The third Yu Ying-shih Fellowship for the Humanities award ceremony was held in Taipei on 12/28.

Huang said that although there are many prizes in the nation, they are still far away from international prizes both in scale and level, and that they need to go beyond races, nationalities, religions and genders in order to be recognized by the world.

Huang pointed out that the operation of Tang Prize was influenced by Nobel, which was an perfect example for the early stage of Tang Prize’s establishment.

According to Huang, he hopes the prize for sinology can be rich in diversity to provide a stage for sinology experts from all over the world, which will definitely be a big encouragement.

Aside from that, he expects more participation of young people in the Sinology field rather than letting older senior experts winning prizes as a kind of honorary award.