0515_(Translation Practice) The UK and USA's joint research in Antarctica

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May 15, 2018 11:06 translation TC-to-EN
This is a practice Chinese-English translation.
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Source (text in the original language):

The UK and the USA last Monday jointly started a research project that costs 25 million US dollars, to study the risk of a giant glacier located in Antarctica collapsing. The scale of the glacier is shrinking down and slowly rising global sea levels. This 5-year project involves more than 100 scientists, which is the largest joint scientific research project by the UK and the USA since the 1940s. Both poles of the Earth, from Greenland to Antarctica, are having melting ice layers, whose tendency is sped up by global warming caused by human beings.

The UK Natural Environment Research Council and US National Science Foundation said in a joint statement that scientists will study the Thwaites Glacier located in western Antarctica, which occupies an land almost equal to the size of Florida or the whole UK. “Rising sea levels are a crucial global issue, which cannot be taken care of by only one single country,” stated UK science minister Sam Gyimah.

The Thwaites Glacier and the nearby Pine Island Glacier are the largest glaciers in scale in Antarctica and also the two glaciers that are shrinking the fastest. If they collapse all of sudden, it will speed up the process of the onshore ice flowing into the sea, and it might lead to sea levels rising over 1 meter, which will seriously threaten cities like Shanghai, San Francisco and other low-altitude onshore areas.

The UK and USA’s joint statement says that with various helps from planes, hot-water drills, satellite measurements, ships, and robot submarines, scientists will examine at this land, agreed by all the globe as the farthest land on Earth, whether the collapse of the Thwaites Glacier will happen within the following decades or centuries.

America’s lead coordinator for the research project is Ted Scambos, of the National Snow and Ice Data Center. He said that despite the assistance from the satellite, “the ice layers and the sea still have many aspects that cannot be observed from the sky.” Scientists from South Korea, Germany, Sweden, New Zealand, and many other countries are also contributing to this research project.

Despite the fact that US President Donald Trump holds a suspicious attitude towards the main streamed scientific research’s outcomes, not seeing human activities, mainly established on burning fossil fuels, the main reason for global warning, America still continues working on relative researches.