0328_(Translation Practice) Taichung pioneers legal protection for leopard cats

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Mar 28, 2018 18:50 translation TC-to-EN
This is a practice Chinese-English translation.
Please let me know your opinions and suggestions about this translation.
I would value them highly.
Thanks a lot in advance.
Source (text in the original language):

Leopard cats, facing the danger of extinction, is the only aboriginal feline species that survive in Taiwan, estimated that there are only 500 left. The Taichung City Government initiated a draft bill “Self-Government Ordinance for Leopard Cat Protection”, which has passed the deliberation at Taichung City Council on Monday, making Taichung the first city in this country to make laws for protecting leopard cats.

The Taichung City Government’s Agriculture Bureau said leopard cats is the key and the symbol species for the ecosystem of low elevation mountains, but the population is decreasing. They are facing serious threats like traffic killing, hunting, animal traps, eating mice that have pesticides, attacks from wild cats and dogs, animal diseases, etc. There have been 5 traffic killing cases across the nation in the first three months of this year.

A leopard cat was found injured by an animal trap in Toukoshan Mountain in Taichung’s Taiping District on 3/16 and was sent to the Council of Agriculture’s Endemic Species Research Institute for treatment right away. It will be reintroduced into the original habitat once it fully recovers. The Agriculture Bureau urges people not to use animal traps illegally, which not only threatens the lives of animals but also possibly hurt people.

The Taichung City Government has set up a contact number for finding wild animals in urgent situations. If finding wounded leopard cats or other wild animals, please call the hotline numbers on (04)2527-2571 or 1999 to let wild animals be rescued as fast as possible.

The Agriculture Bureau said that Taichung, which doesn’t have the most leopard cats, however is a migration hub for them. Starting from Taichung, They want to stabilize the population in a short run and then make a series of plans from aspects of laws, habitat environments to increase the population.
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