2010 FIFA World Cup ending

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Jul 13, 2010 01:47
2010 FIFA CUP just ended up on 7/12.

Spain got the champion and Germany got third prize.

I guess Octopus Paul was that biggest winner this time cause whole world knew his name now...

Some people admire Paul's talent, some hate him deadly.
My favorit team is Germany...maybe should join EX-Paul team..hah!
Spain played well this time so they deserved the cup.

Soccer is not famous in Taiwan (maybe it's because no Taiwan team join the match), so I have to wait every four years to see my favorite team......so long~~~~!!

The funny thing is...most people chose their favorite team was because of ball skill (or play skill?) or handsome appearance, but mine is because of their shirt.
Only Black and White!!..My favirote color my favorite team~~hah!

Too bad Klose can't achieve his goals..but for Germany team's honor,he did a great choice. ><

Wish Germany can win 2014 World Cup~!!

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