Advice from an expert.

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Jul 18, 2014 16:27
Advice from an expert.

I had lots of thinking about two selections yesterday.

It's related to the plans that I'm gonna do in coming summer vacation,

One of the things is an machine engineering education course for free.

And the other one is to participate in an internship.

The reason why I hesitated to select one in the both options,

I don't know well about the real tasks.

I was wondering what kind of knowledge I have to know before getting a job.

because I have a goal to join an automotive company,

I thought I have to study the field of machine engineering.

but I hope to be a quality engineer.

I was curious whether the free course will be able to help me or not.

so I needed an advice from worker who has an insight about that field.

But I don't have enough contacts which I can ask.

Another reason why I struggled to decide in yesterday,

The due date for an apply would be closed soon.

Because this course is for 4 months, I wanted to decide it carefully.

I didn't want to waste my time for what doesn't relate to my future job.

so I passionately searched the information could give me the answer.

but it's really hard. Not only the Google, but also Naver don't have the answer.

so I posted my status on an engineering study web site.

and a few minutes later, my phone was rang.

when I took the phone, the expert was in it.

Thanks to him, I could be relaxed from anxieties.

I gave up the course!!.

Anyway having an expert who can give me the insight is good.

And I always thank you guys, English experts !! :)