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Sep 9, 2015 00:22
1. I look up to my coach.
2. I'm in touch with my business partners.
3. I fell out with my best friend.
4. I grew apart from y sister.
5. He took it after his father.
6. We grew up together.
7. You are close to me.
8. I want my friend to get on with me again.
9. My sister is hard-working - she is working even at home.
10. I know y friend quite well and I tell you that, he could be a bit impatient.
11. Nick told me that his girlfriend is over-sensitive -she always cries if somebody tells her something rude.
12. You are blunt - it was a really bad idea to buy this old house.
13. My brother is open-minded because he likes to listen and use his team's ideas in his projects.
14. You are not very reliable, so for instance, if I tell you a secret you will share it with somebody.