I think of if I insist to do a thing (not too big)

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Dec 6, 2018 08:19
I think of if I insist to do a thing (not too big)
but keep on half yaer , what will happen in the future?
For example , to get up early , and not to stay up late, to learn new things, and so on,
to do the right thing and benefit me in the future,
to start not need too difficult, but just keep going on
I can to expect what will change in my life?
To do a plan , but flexible, but modify all the time, to try , when I make mistake , I
do not need too harsh to myself, but encourage myself , what would to do be better....
I insisited to jog in my life from 2016yaer to now, and I will going on.
I think I can to do another things to add my daily life.
Not need till new year 2019 then to do, No ,from today to do.....
Continue is a huge power, that's build mind muscle , just like to fittness,
to train often...........
Life will change!!!
I expect this!!!
My spanish need to touch or I learn it not go forward,
I want to do too much things, but not to discourage me, I need to be the cheerleader of myself......
To win a lot of little victories,
life is form the little stuff to start,,,,,,,,
To learn new things , need spend time, that's the cost, the value!!
What is the value, from to take action, from the little seed in mind to start,
then see the vision to show ...........