What's Wrong With Me

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Feb 21, 2010 23:53
Today, I hanged out with my friend from Europe.
He is my second language exchange partner.
I don't know why my English didn't improve a lot.
Conversely, his Mandarin has improved very well since I met him.

Nevertheless, I'm a little bit upset.
This afternoon, I took him to take a look around his campus.
So far, he has been here for several months but he is not so familiar with it.
I encouraged him to take advantages of using all the facilities in the campus.
So I help him to visit a library.
At the beginning, we had tried to swipe his student ID card before we got into the library.
But he had never used it so he has to open his ID account.

There was a hospitable librarian to assist us to deal with his card.
My friend tried to practice his Mandarin so we had a small talk.
I know that White people in Asian always have special treatment.
I know my friend wanted to make a friend with her so badly.
However, I hope that his intention is pure and good.
Although, my friend is a nice guy, just in case.

I admit that some stupid Taiwanese girls think if they can hook up white guys.
They will be regarded as unique by others.
I don't believe that.
So sometimes, I feel uncomfortable when I see some white guys hooking up Taiwanese girls just for sex.
Conversely, Taiwanese girls should reflect their behaviors.
White guys are the same as us.
If you think that they are in high position and unique, that’s a really nonsense.