Dice, Domino & Shuffle.

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Feb 20, 2010 12:55

I couldn’t refuse their begging so I said," OK, but the stake is supposed to be limited."
His grand mom taught me how to play it since no one knew how to play "Bridge."
At the beginning, I just looked at other how to play.
After several rounds, I though I get the hang of it.
So I plunged myself onto the table.

Maybe I am a novice and a rookie, a lucky deity took care of me.
I won most of rounds.
This grand mom lost many rounds and started to be restless.
She muttered a lot, it was pretty fxxking annoying.

I pretended to never overhear what she murmured.
Finally, I said," Ok, this is a last round."
I did earned some prizes.
In my last shuffle, I didn't shuffle it well since I was weary.
But again, I won.
I didn't give back the grand mom stakes.
I said," This is my last time to play it, this money I will donate it to a charity."
I hate this money. I bevel eve that making money must be in proper way.
So the next day, I went to ATM and remit it to a Children Foundation.

Look! No matter how much you won in gambling, you will lose it eventually.
This is because this money is not made by your efforts. God will not allow people to keep dirty money with them.