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Feb 20, 2010 04:21
I am up tonight until now. ( Definitely, I am typing my journal now )
I guess that I slept too much in daytime and drank too much tea and coffee.
Frankly speaking, I prefer tea to coffee.
Perhaps, I am an authentic Taiwanese and tea is our common beverage.

Today, I brewed Japanese tea, Genmaicha tea,( Brown rice tea )
It is a kind of Japanese green tea.
In my understanding, Japanese don't drink fermented tea, black tea.
They only drink green tea in ancient time.
When the Chinese tea culture passed to Japan, they cast aside the Chinese tea and changed it to their own way.
In China, they use dry leaves to brew tea but Japanese brew tea using powder.

Japanese culinary habits are very healthy.
Their food is very simple but not plain.
Genmaicha tea is created by them.
They use fried brown rice mixed with green tea.
I have no idea who got this smart recipe.
Brown rice tea has a special favor. It is very scented.
It is packed with more vitamins than green tea.
Nevertheless, its benefits don't stop here.
It is filled with minerals as well.

So if you are curious about it, just go to Japanese towns, you'll find it out.