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Feb 20, 2010 02:39
Couple days ago, my mom showed us a bottle of wine on brewed my uncle living in Vancouver Canada on a table.
He brewed wine by himself and sent it from Canada.
I am not an alcoholic but I am a fan of wine.
Why I am so fascinated by wine can trace back to when I was in America.
When I was in the US, every Friday was a party time since it was weekend.
Everyone finally could get a relief of week-workloads.
They invited me to their place or ate out in fancy restaurants with them.

Before I was in America, I had only dared to drink beer and plum wine( Japanese sweet wine ).
Frankly speaking, I disliked beer since it is so bitter but sometimes I heeded to be socialized with others. I had to drink it.
But once when I was in Napa CA.
I learned some knowhow of brewing wine.
I found drinking wine moderately is not only good for health but also a trend.

I don't like sweet wine. I like sweet favor mixed with bitterness and sourness.
Unfortunately, we don't have any opener to open wine.
Sigh! I can't enjoy it this night.