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Jan 30, 2010 13:01
Last night, I met my Australian friend.
We hanged out together . He will fly back to Australia next Saturday.
So this was his last weekend that we could hang out in Taiwan.

I took me to my god mother's own noodles shop to have a nice feast.
He ordered a chicken soup noodles.
Mine was dry noodles.
After the meal, my godmother brought some peanuts to us.
He was very shocked by peanuts we ate since in western world, they only eat packaged peanuts.
They are already peeled.
(By the way, what can I say shell of peanuts?)

Then we walked down the streets to a shopping mall.
There was a Ferris wheel so I hope he could enjoy it.
We didn't ride it since the price of it was costly.

He said that before his leaving here, he would introduce a British man to me.
That way, I can keep studying English.
Sounds great. I can't wait.

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