Catch up with my friend.

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Jan 21, 2010 00:27
I met my language exchange partner tonight.
He just came from Hong Kong.
It seemed that he really enjoyed his journey there.
He showed his photo taken there and it was really fabulous.
I had a long time to meet him.

There is around a month I've never seen he.
His Mandarin is improved a lot.
That so impressed me.
I think I need to catch up with him more frequently.

There are two way to improve a language.
The first is your motivation, the other is to immerse yourself in environment.

I remember when my first time to see me, he tried to his best to commute with me.
I knew that he went the extra mile to put all of his vocabulary into sentence.

But it's a little bit pitiful. He'll leave here in two weeks.
I asked him to invite me to know his foreigner friend.
That way, I can keep going my English exchange.