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Jan 17, 2010 01:53
After a hair trimming today, I took a walk to a shopping mall zone.
There are plenty of malls in that area.
I am not a fan of shopping since I am not so crazy for substance enjoying.
I would rather have window shopping than money spending.
There is a brand new mall opening two months ago.
The style of it is like a Japanese-Western combination.

It is a complex. There are a hotel and a mall.
I didn't know how to get there so I troubled my friend to take me there.

While I am just arrived there, I was attracted by the glass roof.
What an amazing thing!
The glass roof covers a center of this mall.
It is a 4-stored-high roof.

The center of lobby is not very broad.
Nevertheless, there is a fountain located there and some palms planted around the fountain.

There are great numbers of fancy restaurants under ground.
But it is pretty sucky, a bite of bread cost an arm and a leg.
What the hell? How can we afford it?
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