Hair Trimming.

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Jan 17, 2010 01:00

It's Saturday afternoon again, I hanged out with my friend.
We had a appointment at his place.
Before arriving at his home, I went to a barber shop to trim my hair.
I got a new hairdo and it was very cheap.
It was just 3 dollars. If I went to a salon, it would cost 3 to 10 times more than a barber shop.

I like a barber shop.
In Taiwan, we call it home-barber shop.
It is like a Mom and pa shop in the north America.
Although there is no fancy cutting skills and decor in a home barber shop, but it is cheap.
I can tell them which hairstyle I want.
When they trim my hair, I can direct them.

"One direction, one action."
Lately, a quick cutting shop is very prevalent here, the shop is pretty small.
There are only two seats and no head-washing service.
Usually, this kind of shop is located in warehouses.
Outside the shop is a ticket vendor machine.
You have to buy tickets to have a hair trimming.