Earliest Trains

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Jan 13, 2010 23:57
Today, I rode the earliest morning trains to work.
That was my first time to take so early morning trains.
I woke up at 4:30 am since it was too chilly to have a good sleep.
Recently, there have been a chilliest current coming to Taiwan.
I had to wear socks to sleep.
Without that, I would shiver in this cold current.

I rode a subway. There is a MRT station nearby my home.
Then, I transferred it at Taipei main railway station.
It was so smooth. Thanks God.
When I walked down the underground platform.
Here came a train that I needed.

I was not weary at all.
Instead, I was motivated.
I like to see the sky getting light little by little.
I like the dawn.
That way, I feel all the world belonging to me.
After the train, I walked on the street for 20 mins.

Good! I can lose my weight.