Speed Dial

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Jan 12, 2010 00:39
There is a speed dial NO.9 in my cell phone.
Before, I used to press No. 9 speed dial to call my friend.
She is a very nice girl. Smart, tender and thoughtful.
Nevertheless, I rarely use this function since she lives in Japan now.
I hurt her heart so she doesn't want to keep in touch with me.

Lately, I've prayed to God for her and all of her family members to be healthy.
Her parents treated me very well when I was in Tokyo.
This girl is so awesome.
She knows that I am a big fan of Japanese Culture.
She went her extra mile to please me.
It has been a most memorizable journey that I have had so far.
Her mother is a very nice person.
She made lunch boxes for us very day since it was healthier to eat home-made food than eat out.

The lunch boxes were filled with her love.
Every bite,I could feel not only tasty food but also a warm heart.
I keep sending mails and messages to her.

I hope that God could bless them.
Hopefully, one day on the down road, I still have chance to hold her and say sorry in person to her.

Dear God~
Please be my beacon to show me the way.
I would like to be your kid.
I know that you are mighty.
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